choose the right camper

If you know where the open roads are going to take you, choosing an RV will be a little easier.


Dashed Trail

Truck Camper

Compact RV camper with similar experience to a larger RV at a much cheaper pricepoint.

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Terrain Map

A captivating RV camper with spacious interiors is suitable for making yourself at home or working on the road.

Plan the BUDGET

Set a budget. You will thank yourself later. Especially if it’s an extended adventure.


Dashed Trail

Analyze all expenses

Consider all your stops, your meals and any extra sites you want to stop at. 

Terrain Map

No one wants to set a budget for travel, but even on the road, you should know what your expenses are.

plan the route

When you are on the road a proper mapped plan will shine and keep you on the right track. 


Do it together

When it comes to route planning, the more the merrier. You’ll have a bunch of different ideas to choose from. 

Terrain Map

There’s a whole subculture related to using physical maps, which is super fun and can be collected or framed later on. 

Let’s recap what we learned


Choose the right camper


Plan your budget


Map the  route

Dashed Trail

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