Discovering Delhi’s Nature Havens

When one thinks of Delhi, the bustling capital city of India, images of crowded streets, historical monuments, and vibrant markets come to mind. In this blog, we will take you on a journey to discover the Delhi’s Nature Havens , where lush greenery, diverse wildlife, and tranquil landscapes await. Let’s embark on an adventure and uncover Delhi’s hidden gems!

1. Mehrauli Archaeological Park: 

The Mehrauli Archaeological Park offers a unique blend of historical treasures and natural beauty. As you stroll through its sprawling grounds, you will encounter ancient ruins, intricate tombs, and hidden lakes. The park’s lush greenery, dotted with old trees and blooming flowers, provides a refreshing escape from the city’s clamor. Take a moment to relax near the Qutub Minar, the tallest minaret in India, and let the tranquility wash over you.

2. Yamuna Biodiversity Park: 

The Yamuna Biodiversity Park stands as a testament to nature’s resilience in an urban landscape. Located along the banks of the Yamuna River, this expansive park boasts a rich variety of plant species, including rare and endangered ones. As you explore its well-maintained trails, keep an eye out for migratory birds that visit the park during winters. The park also conducts various educational programs and nature walks, making it an ideal destination for families and nature enthusiasts.

3. Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary: 

Escape the city’s chaos and venture into the wild at Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary, located on the southern outskirts of Delhi. This protected area encompasses rugged terrain, dense forests, and serene lakes. The sanctuary is home to several wildlife species, such as the Indian crested porcupine, Indian gazelle, and various reptiles. Hiking through its trails offers a chance to witness the beauty of nature up close and personal. Don’t forget your binoculars to spot a myriad of bird species that inhabit the sanctuary.

4. Sanjay Van: 

Sanjay Van, a sprawling forest near the Qutub Minar, presents a haven for nature lovers seeking solitude. It is believed that the Pandavas, heroes of the ancient Indian epic Mahabharata, resided in this forest during their exile. Today, the forest serves as a green lung for the city, providing a peaceful environment for visitors to connect with nature. Enjoy a leisurely walk, meditate under the shade of trees, or simply revel in the melodious chirping of birds.

5. Sundar Nursery:

Sundar Nursery, located near the Humayun’s Tomb in Delhi, is a picturesque haven for nature enthusiasts and gardening aficionados. This beautifully landscaped nursery is renowned for its stunning collection of plants, flowers, and trees. It serves as a vital center for plant conservation and propagation, preserving rare and endangered species. Visitors can leisurely stroll through its well-manicured gardens, admire the vibrant flower beds, and even purchase plants to adorn their own spaces. Sundar Nursery is not just a nursery but a serene retreat where one can reconnect with nature’s beauty and find inspiration in its colorful and fragrant offerings.


Delhi, often regarded as a concrete jungle, surprises visitors with its tranquil nature havens. From historical parks to biodiversity-rich sanctuaries, the city offers a diverse range of natural escapes. These havens allow you to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, unwind from the hectic city life, and find solace in green spaces. So, the next time you find yourself in Delhi, don’t miss the opportunity to discover these hidden gems and experience the harmonious coexistence of history and nature in the heart of the city.

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